blankSelected Recent Projects and Commissions

  Lamp Post (as remembered) Model T Ford Eduardo Paolozzie Restoration
Lamp Post 2017 Bronze Model T Ford 2018 Eduardo Paolozzi 2017
Jill Watson Silver Trees Wemyss Bay Boy Seahorse by Zoe Robinson
The Dorothea Tree, Jill Watson, Covent Garden, London Wemyss Bay Boy by Angela Hunter
Wemyss Bay Station
Seahorse by Zoe Robinson Newcastle
Forsyth Globe Restoration Really Good By David Shrigley Jill Watson
The Forsyth Globe Restoration Really Good by David Shrigley ,The Fourth Plinth London Jill Watson, Eyemouth Fishing Disaster Memorial
Kenny Hunter Blackbird
Bronze Hawthorne Table,
Tennant and Tennant, 2014
Kenny Hunter Blackbird, Leicester Square, London 2016 Graham Fagen Rope Tree, Vienice Biennalle 2015